Enter the Infinite is an incremental / idle game currently in development where you assume the role of an interstellar bounty hunter. You start with a rather small spaceship and try to reach the highest sector possible.

Like most incremental games you can either let the game play itself and only upgrade your ship from time to time. But you are also able to play the game actively by using skills, switching equipment and marking high-priority targets to progress faster and further in your current run. In the end-game you will command huge capital-ships with multiple main cannons, point-defense, hangars and support-systems.


  • Beautiful graphics provide a mesmerizing idling experience. Imagine an aquarium in space. With battleships. And fireworks!
  • Several mechanics for active play like skills and exploitable vulnerabilities to progress faster and further in your current run.
  • Extensive ship-customization. Lots of equipment, skills and perks to focus your build on various idle or active strategies.


Android version

The controls are currently optimized for mobile devices. You can get the current android-version here:


How to play (A proper tutorial follows soon):

  • You control everything with the mouse, no keyboard needed
  • You can activate skills with the three buttons at the bottom-left
  • Clicking on an enemy will focus the fire of your main weapons on that ship
  • The bottom-right button leads to ship-customizing
    • You can change your weapons and other equipment via drag&drop
    • Your inventory is limited. Sell items by dragging them over the trashcan
    • The four system-upgrade buttons allow you to increase the effectiveness of your equipment, for example damage caused by your weapons. The scrap needed to upgrade the systems is earned by destroying enemies
    • You can switch your skills by clicking the skill-buttons
  • The main menu gives you access to:
    • Collecting your Bounty:
      Each time you defeat a boss, you earn some amount of bounty which can be used to buy powerful modules. But to use this bounty you first need to collect it. If you do, you will travel back to sector 1 and lose all your scrap and all items. But the bounty you receive will help you to get much farther in all future runs.
    • Modules:
      Modules greatly increase the power of your ship and later on skip the easy sectors to arrive faster where you left last run.
    • Settings:
      Contains some experimental features, credits and a cheat-button for easier testing.

Progress is currently not saved in the browser version, the reset-button has no function.